Saturday, October 13, 2012

How time flies!

Salam time,

It's almost 12 am right at the moment. I, together with the 3 kids and the father of course just arrived home. We went to Pesta Konvo UPM in conjuction with the university's Convocation ceremony.

Actually I have nothing much to say except for one thing. 10 years back I went to Pesta Konvo UPM with my beau then (now my sleeping partner). Only the two of us. Spending the night watching Phyne Ballerz singing Jangan Pisahkan. We also hanged around window shopping at the booths.

We came back a decade after. We went back here again tonight as alumni. But this time it was even more meaningful. We passed by the same route, we headed to the same spot, but this time around we were not alone, I mean not only the two of us. But with the three offspring we carried together.

Hmmm... how time flies!

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